Let’s Get this Party Started

So, WordPress won my personal contest for the best blogging platform so far. Granted Blogger’s policy of needing a Googlemail account was the deciding criterion, but still WordPress is free and doesn’t seem to be super-annoying when it comes to formatting like a certain other engine I’ve been using so far.

So, what’s going to be on here? Mostly I’m planning on posting rules articles on GURPS with some reviews added in for extra fun. Then there’s also maps to be had and some of the more memorable anecdotes from my gaming groups as they crop up. There might also be the occasional political rambling of mine, but you can quickly skip over these by perusing the categories.

I won’t post adventure synopses from my groups here, since I find wikis much more useful for organising this information and – lets face it – almost no one not taking part is interested in these kind of things. I might post links to our wiki if a group has no problems with making their adventures public.

So that’s it for now. I plan to get started on actual articles later today. Thanks for reading.

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