2015 – (Re)Commencing to Blog

When I started this blog in June last year, I did it for two reasons: To promote GURPS, especially new books, through reviews and articles and to structure my own ideas better. From my livejournal experience I didn’t expect much of an audience outside the GURPS forumites and the occasional Google search for reviews. Now, either things have changed greatly in the last decade or my interpretation of the traffic data is completely deficient, but in 2015 alone I got more than 600 and more than 1200 views. Even discounting a third as bots, that’s far more than I would have expected.

What hasn’t changed is that hardly anybody ever comments, but that I expected. I’ve got one subscriber on wordpress (Hallo dknxohq!) and two comments so far. Now that’s still pretty good if you assume only one visitor in a thousand ever gives feedback. And I did have some external feedback on Twitter and on the forums, mainly from RPK, Turhan’s Bey Company and Archangel Beth. That’s pretty good, considering that there’s hardly any GURPS blogger living on wordpress. I really should have gone to blogspot, but I refuse to have anything more to do with Google than I have to.

So, what did people interest in 2015? In one word: reviews. With the Thaumatology – Sorcery review leading the parade at more than 300 views, I can be pretty sure that’s what people want. Even the most popular rules article has only one tenth of that (though that’s getting close to the less popular reviews).

Some rules articles only have 2 or 3 views at all. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get any use out of them, because they did help me to finally focus on some topics that I only treated in passing before.  Now, I’d love to get some feedback on my Language article, Technique pricing and thoughts on Afflictions, but I guess I should push my blog a bit more on the forums.

The articles on The Dark Eye roleplaying system got relatively disappointing views numbers in the lower double-digits, but that might be due to most of them being written in English. I should really ask SJGames about translating GURPS rule terminology. I got a comment anyway – thanks, Dunkelzahn.


This also brings me to my blogging resolutions for the new year. In 2016, I’m going to try to review each new GURPS release – with the possible exception of Monster Hunters and Action instalments, which I haven’t really followed and don’t feel competent to judge.

I know, I’m bad at self-promotion, but I’m going to try and do a bit more in this regard too: Opening a blog thread on the GURPS forums, tweeting each new article (without forgetting the hashtag), maybe spending a bit more time on the forums and being a little more assertive about linking to my stuff.

Then there’s the mentioned translation: If SJGames gives me the go-ahead, I’ll make that sure that I publish at least one DSA article a quarter, though these might be German-only in this case.

I’ll also post a number of maps I made over the years and see if somebody can’t find a use for them in their game.

If everything goes well, I might even post a some campaign transcripts, probably from DSA’s Phileasson Saga.

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