Real-World Stat Conversion: The Stroking Chancellor

By popular demand (as in a lot of people being pissed off at Angelina for being a general nuisance and making refugee children cry) I present a first: a political GURPS post. Stats for our “beloved” chancellor Angela Merkel. For this one I’m using standard by-the-book point costs.

Name: Angela Dorothea Merkel
Age: 61 as of today (don’t confuse this post with a birthday gift)
Occupation: Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
Attributes [0]: ST 8 [-20]; DX 9 [-20]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 10 [0]
Secondary Characteristics [2]: Damage: 1d-2/1d-3; Basic Lift 6.5 kgs; HP 9 [2], WILL 13 [5], PER 11 [-5]; FP 9 [0]; Basic Speed 4.75 [0]; Basic Move 4
Advantages [125]: Administrative Rank +8 (Chancellor) [40], Reputation +2 vs. Power-Loving Bastards: Ruthless (Small class, always) [4], Reputation +1 vs. Ordinary Germans Who Should Know Better: “Mutti” (Large class, always) [3], Status (Head of State) +7 [15, three levels free from Rank, one free from Wealth], Wealth: Multi-Millionaire +0.5 (Net worth ca. $ 11 Mio.) [63]
Disadvantages [-48]: Appearance: Unattractive [-4], Callous [-5], Enemies (9): Various, mostly less powerful (Rivals) [-5], Hidebound [-5], Odious Personal Habit -2: Completely out of Touch with the Common Man (Accessibility: Only in interaction with Status +0 and lower, -40%) [-6], Pacifism: Reluctant Killer [-5], Reputation -3 vs. Various Left-Leaning People (including almost all of Greece): The Boring Axe Woman (Large class, always) [-8], Stubborness [-5], Unfit [-5]
Quirks [-2]: Likes Power [-1], Obsession: Outdo Kohl’s Sixteen Years in Office [-1]
Cultural Familiarities [1]: Western [0], Eastern European [1]
Languages [4]: German (Native) [0], Russian (Fluent) [2], English (Fluent) [2]
Skills and Techniques [43]: Administration-13 [4]; Area Knowledge: Germany-12 [1], Area Knowledge: World-12 [1], Chemistry (TL 7)-12 [4], Computer Operation (TL8)-12 [1], Current Affairs: Business-12 [1], Current Affairs: Politics-15 [8], Diplomacy-10 [1], Electronics Operation: Scientific (TL 7)-11 [1], Intimidation-11 [1], Mathematics: Pure (TL 7)-10 [1], Physics: Quantum Physics (TL7)-9 [1], Politics-16 [16], Public Speaking-11 [1], Skiing-4 [Default], Writing-11 [1]

At 127 points Merkel comes in at many more points than many of her detractors would think. Keep in mind, though that she comes in at 2 points if you strip away her social advantages. Also note that her politics skill doesn’t mean she’s good at solving problems, merely at staying in power. Also having a black heart isn’t a GURPS disadvantage if it doesn’t inconvenience you in any way.

Now, I hope you can work with this base and apply whatever modifications you want. May I suggest some of the templates from GURPS Horror? The Android, Alien Invader and Lilitu seem most appropriate.