Irregular Webcomic Needs You!

David Morgan-Mar of GURPS and Pyramid fame is running a kickstarter for the very first print edition of his Irregular Webcomic. The book will contain the first 500 strips from the fantasy theme – basically the whole thing until the first end of the comic.

Problem is: there aren’t enough backers, at the moment. So, if you got a couple of bucks to help out, press the button and pledge for a digital or in-print copy at least. The price is in Australian Dollars, so you’re paying roughly three thirds of what you see in US Dollars

A Short Note Concerning Reviews

I have just updated my review calculations to better reflect the actual usefulness of the books. Final value before price now consists of 50% meat or cheese depending on the book’s focus, 15% of the other ingredient, 20% sauce and 15% generic nutritional substance. This led to slightly higher values across the board for all existing reviews, but nothing extraordinary. I just wanted to avoid situations where a book is dragged down by too little rules or flavour, when there’s nothing to justify that.

I might use a combined category in the future if something presents itself. The upcoming GURPS Discworld looks like a likely candidate.